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My Side of the (Fashion) Story…

I don’t blog much. And it’s a fault, I know, and I am working on it.

Typically, though, when it happens, it is usually to express gratitude or share something that was/is so great and fun, it would be selfish not to.

This, time, the piñata is coming out and getting smashed, it is both!


This beautiful lady in the picture is Misha Janette (head dress, her own creation). Nicki Minaj loves her, Kansai Yamamoto (referenced that day totally subconsciously in the next photograph bellow) collaborates with her, and Anna Wintour actually SMILES when posing next to her.

And so do I, when I remember when we first met.

Little does she know, but Misha’s biggest accomplishment so far isn’t her impressive client list, countless magazine features and tv show. It was to single-handedly get me interested in fashion.

Waaay back when, I “kinda liked clothes”, but thought fashion was the three big S “shallow, stupid and snobbish”. Her passion, creativity and talent got the stubborn, immutable, set in her own ways me, to see it her way. Expression, wearable art, storytelling, beauty, personality, culture…

She got me to say idiosyncratic instead of idiotic. She opened my eyes to something that is today so essential to my creative process.

And for this I am forever grateful.


Fast forward a few years later, when I pick up again a camera. It became a dream to have her style a photograph of mine. (Actually I would have been over the moon with even just a vague sketch)

And dream came true last week when I got to shoot her, styling herself, for Juice Magazine Singapore. The experience was unreal in more than one way: the styling obviously, the incredible weather… And working with friends, period.

Those three photographs are a sample of what happened. (unfortunately not depicted, my ecstatic face from the minute I woke up the day of the shoot. Looked like a big yellow smiley)


Here is her side of this fashion story, her on the TOGA collection SS14, more photos and details on the shoot.

The good news is… More coming soon!!

Much Love,